Long Haul Trucking: A Keystone of Modern Financial System

Long haul truck driving can be outlined as farther than two or three hundred kilometers from the driver’s home terminal. Drivers operate a truck with a sleeper unit and in several instances, travel for days at a time – and depending on the trucking firm, it may be 2 or 3 weeks.

Trucking is just one way to transport goods. While transport by train, ship, and aircraft have advantages in some areas, long haul trucking is the preferred method of shipping goods in a number of fields. Here are a few reasons why truck shipments are a cornerstone of the Saskatchewan economy.


Trains can only go where tracks lead, and not all locations have a navigable waterway between them. Airplanes are flexible, but they need airports to land, and economically viable cargo aircraft need large airports. Long haul trucking provides access to any place serviced by roadways, and extensive highway systems give it unmatched flexibility. The Canadian highway system is considered by some to be a wonder of the modern world, and trucks can take full advantage of this resource.


While transporting goods by ship or rail can be economically viable, these transportation methods are generally only used for large shipments. Trucks, on the other hand, can send small amounts of items at an economically viable rate. Furthermore, trucks are cheaper to build and use than other shipment methods, so companies seeing growth can more easily scale their operations. This scalability is essential for ensuring companies can compete in a dynamic economy.


Although most methods of shipping goods are fairly reliable, trucking provides the best predictability. Trucks run at all hours, and companies can bring on new drivers quickly if demand suddenly increases. While trucks can break down, these breakdowns are usually handled quickly and will not cause delays in future shipments. Other methods of transportation typically have more rigid schedules, and missing a deadline can be disastrous.

Direct to Door shipments

Long-distance transportation by waterway, rail, or air often entails making connections and unloading and reloading goods. Furthermore, once products arrive at a rail station, airport, or port, they need to be loaded onto trucks for transport to their final destinations. With long haul trucking, businesses can load only once or twice. This can save time and ensure that fragile items are protected en route.

Resourceful Choices

Only certain types of goods can be transported by different shipment methods. Because the trucking industry is so robust, there are vehicle types capable of transporting nearly any item. Whether a business needs refrigeration or vehicles designed for shipping livestock, trucks provide better versatility than any other mode of transportation.

Although other forms of transportation match certain needs well, none can match the flexibility and convenience of long haul trucking. Businesses of all sizes should consider the advantages trucking provides when deciding how to deliver their products. If you’re curious about how trucks can help your company thrive, contact our experts at Delivery Force to learn more.

Priority of customer Service within the Transportation Industry?

Customer service or a client service, more often than not, is the backbone of any industry. Whether you’re in retail, entertainment or, yes, logistics, your customer service can play a huge part in how people view your company and how your company functions. Sending your employees on a customer service course can be beneficial to your customer relationships, but the question is, how? We’ve collected together a few reasons as to why customer service is important in the logistics industry.

Customer Satisfaction

Having good customer service in the transportation industry will ultimately improve your customer satisfaction levels. Customer satisfaction is important, even in the logistics industry – in fact, especially in the logistics industry. Why the entire method may appear as straightforward as studying a customer’s delivery and delivering it to its destination, customer satisfaction ultimately comes right down to what your business can give them outside of that straightforward method. Online services to track their shipments can work wonders, but human interaction is just as effective. Keep your customers up to date on their shipments if you’ll, or illustrate to them from the point in time what’s going to happen with their deliveries. Keeping a customer glad can keep them a customer.

Customer Relationships

Customer relationships play a part in customer satisfaction, but will also play a part in the success of your business. A good customer relationship will not only keep them coming back as ‘repeat customers’, but they are also more likely to suggest your business to other people and bring you in more customers over time. They chose your business initially, so make sure you give them enough reasons to come back and not look elsewhere to your competitors. Customer relationships can be a simple way of doing this with minimal, if any, costs so it’s well worth the bit of extra effort.

Organization Image

Good customer service in the transportation industry is going to make your transportation firm look good. Poor customer service is what drives people to leave bad reviews. When someone complains about a company, it’s usually about the customer service they received as opposed to the product. If a product is faulty, customers can be appeased by good customer service – whether that’s an apology or a replacement – and this works in Logistics too. If your company is contrite if one thing goes wrong, dangerous reviews and complaints area doubtless. Showing you care through smart customer service can do your business and your whole image a world of excellent.

How to give valuable customer service in this industry?

The question remains, however, what makes sensible customer service? Merely place, sensible customer service comes right down to showing respect for your customers and their needs and desires. Greet your customers by name for a more personalized experience, and show that you are willing to adapt as far as you can to meet the needs of a customer. Respecting them and their time and schedules shows that you care a lot of concerning them and your business as a full than simply conveyance in money. Customers want convenience, especially in the fast-paced world we live in, and customer service is one of the best ways to show that you are catering to this want as much as you can.

The Qualities of Top Trucking Companies

If you’re a trucker, you want to make sure that the company you work for is the best of the best. If you’re a trucker, you’ll need to know that whoever you work for will have your back when things get rough. You’ll be spending a remarkable amount of time on the road. Your company will eventually come to feel more like a family than work group.But not all trucking companies operate in the same manner.

It’s important that you work with people you like. Likewise, you’ll want to be around people you can trust when something goes wrong.

It can be tough to figure out who really has your best interest at heart and who wants to make a buck off others’ hard work. You want to work for a company that values you as an employee, especially in trucking.

Here’s a quick checklist of things to keep in mind when you look at potential employers. Read on for the best attributes that top trucking companies have.

Qualities to look for in top trucking companies:-

They’ll offer help with training and certification: 

Before you can even put your front wheels on the open road, you’ll need to pass your CDL training. If you’re a novice trucker, this can be tougher than finding your first gig.Finding the financing alone can inhibit people from a trucking career.

There’s an old saying that states it costs money to make money. But when certification is so expensive, it’s tempting to consider a new career path.The training process can be tough! So find the trucking companies that will help you through the CDL process.

The best trucking companies won’t just help you get trained, they’ll pay for it! A quick search will tell you which of the top trucking companies are likely to help cover your training.

It’s going to take a while to become certified. Meanwhile, think of ways to be a resource for the company before you even begin your first haul.

They’ll understand when you need time off:

Life as a trucker can be tough. You’re on the road nearly 24/7, away from friends and family.

Since you’re on the road all the time, you’ll sometimes miss big milestone events. There will be times where you may miss your home and family.

And there’s nothing wrong with that.The right trucking company will make sure you have as much family time as possible.When you look into trucking companies, try and get a sense for the corporate environment.Is the office friendly? Does it feel isolating?

Work for a company that sees the value of you as a person, not just your value as a hard worker.

If a company places as much importance on you and your family as they do cargo, congratulations! You’ve already struck the difference between work and a proper career.

They’ll want you to make money (and not just want to make money off of you):

Of course, the entire purpose of a business is to make money. But you’ll want to work for trucking companies that see the value in your accomplishment, too.

When you’re a trucker, every single mile counts.

Look for a company that cares about your bottom line, as well as theirs. Look for trucking companies that offer bonuses, pay raises, and other ways to make extra cash. The little things will quickly add up.

Often times, the best trucking companies will offer bonuses for those who go above and beyond.

These can include bonuses for:

  • Extra distance
  • Getting a haul in on time
  • Weight of a load

You should also ask if they offer any sign-on bonuses. These little incentives are a great way to attract employees.

Many of their employees have been with the company a long time:

Longevity is the top thing to consider when looking into a new career, and trucking is no different.

You may find your head swimming with questions about pay, benefits, and general travel. But don’t forget to take the time to get a feel for the company itself.

If employees have been with the company for quite some time, that’s a great sign. Generally, it means that a company does a fantastic job of taking care of their truckers.

Longevity is one of the most attractive qualities to look for in a company.Therefore, the opinions of your potential coworkers will matter.Often, if there’s a concern or problem with the company, people will be more than happy to let you know about it.

Let Quick Transport Solutions be your one-stop-shop for finding the best. We’ve got resources, job boards, and everything you need for the best life on the road.